Category: Animal Law

Serious Animal Cruelty Under the Crimes Act (NSW)

Jacob Vanderschoot became the first person to be convicted of serious animal cruelty at the Local Court, in Mt. Druitt, NSW. Vanderschoot used a boning knife to cut the dog Bouncer’s throat and left him lying in his front yard for hours[1]. For this act, Vanderschoot received no jail time and was instead sentenced to…

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ACT Ban Factory Farming but How will it be Enforced

This week the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) passed legislation to prohibit the use of battery cages and sow stalls[1]. This is a step forward for animal protection and been hailed as a victory by animal advocacy groups such as Voiceless and Animals Australia. Under s9A of the Animal Welfare (Factory Farming) Amendment Bill 2013 it is an…

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